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TEXAS: Member of ABOR (Austin), MetroTex (Dallas), HAR (Houston), SABOR (San Antonio), GFWAR (Fort Worth), and Stephenville Association local real estate boards.

FLORIDA:  Member of Greater Tampa REALTORS.

1 Commission Plan Only

$99 monthly fee!

Sales Associate keeps 100% commission for all transactions – sales, leases, apartment locating.
No Annual Fee or any others – E&O is included.

Recruiting Incentive – Recruit Agents to join REB365 and get paid every month.


You Have Our Support
Many people don’t like change. However, you wouldn’t be on this page if you weren’t contemplating a change in brokerages. There must be a reason you want to switch. Rest assured that we are committed to making a transfer to REB365 as easy as possible.  Must have an entrepreneurial mindset. You are an independent contractor – YOU are your own business.

Activate or Transfer Your TREC License Online

  • Click the link to TREC website:
  • Towards the bottom of the page find the blue box called ‘My License Services’. If never been here, register for an ID by clicking that link provided.
  • Once you’re logged in: Under the dropdown bar for Change your license information and manage relationships, select ‘Manage My Sponsorship (Sales)’ and click ‘Select’
  • Choose ‘Next. Under Request Sponsorship, choose Real Estate Company (LLC) and input License Number 9003760 that will say REB365 LLC
  • Choose ‘Send Request’

After TREC license is activated/transferred to REB365, next step is to get the local real estate board established (for new agents) or switch your broker affiliation if you’re already a member of the board. We’ll show you how to do this.